Welcome to Canzon Cataclysmico

16th century music rocks.

A mix of modern and old instruments makes some magic happen. The chord changes lend themselves really well to the second Elizabethan idiom while still retaining a flavour of the first Elizabethan era.

Canzon Cataclysmico is a project which aims to do just that. The music is played on modern instruments, guitar, bass, modern drum kit, as well as more traditional wind / brass. I play real instruments where possible, to varying standards, some midi and the occasional mad sound sample or electronic effect.

There are 12 tracks finished on the theme of 'My Lords and Ladies'. I've started a blog to write my thoughts and share anything that I find exciting. The album is now available for listening, and even purchase if you'd like a full-quality copy to own.

A more recent project is a souped-up version of Peter Warlock's Capriol Suite, a 20th century composition based on 16th century dances

Warlock's work is based on music from a collection of dance music compiled by Thoinot Arbeau in the 16th century.

My take on all this is now finished and available for listening on SoundCloud or Bandcamp.


La Fontegara, Silvestro Ganassi dal Fontego